Introducing this year's Christmas Cookie Gift Box!  

This box includes: 6 fruitcake cookies, 2 chocolate crinkle cookies, 2 peppermint pinwheel cookies, 2 pecan thumbprint cookies, 2 cranberry white chocolate cookies, 4 classic melt in your mouth shortbread, 2 decorated snowflake sugar cookies, 1 candy sugar cookie, 1 gingerbread Christmas tree, and 1 large gingerbread man       
Price: $45.95
Pre-order yours today for family, friends staff and corporate gifts!

2019's MOST POPULAR ITEMS @                      SWEET SOMETHINGS

1. Latte
2. Avocado Toast 
3. Lemon Tarts 
4. Triple Chocolate Brownies 
5. Ice Cream ( Summer only) 

If you haven’t tried the items on this list, make sure you do and let us know what you think! :) 




gülsha Rose Youth Nectar is a unique, luxurious formula that helps to soothe the skin and replenish a damaged skin barrier. With the help of the must-have moisturizing active hyaluronic acid, the skin is left smooth, fresh and regenerated.

Price: $120.00


 ABOUT GÜLSHA - Luxury Skincare 

The story of Gülsha starts with Rosa Damascena, the delicate type that is indigenous to Isparta region, in southwest Turkey. The Gurkan family is the world’s leading supplier of Rosa Damascena raw materials to the fragrance and cosmetics industry. 

Collaborating with the very best French skincare experts, the Gurkan family created these unique formulations that combine science with traditional methods. 






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